• Stretch films

    Cast stretch film

    ASP Cast Stretch Film is primarily used for packaging and protects products during storage and shipping. It is popular for unitizing, bundling and pallet wrapping goods. ASP cast stretch film ensures full protection against dust, moisture, dirt and also reduce pilferage. It is more commonly used by manufacturing, trade and logistics companies for wrapping loads on pallets.

    ASP Cast stretch film is manufactured using state-of-the-art cast film extrusion technology. The cast film is a multilayer film equipped with on line electronic system which monitors and controls close to NIL thickness variation. The technical expertise of the ASP team ensures that the polyethylene resin recipe and the process operations deliver improved performance and reliability of ASP Cast Stretch Film.

    ASP cast stretch film is highly efficient and cost effective (versus tape, glue, strap and shrink wrap).and has the undisputed properties such as consistent cling, high clarity, good gloss, high resistance to tear, excellent optics and silent to apply.

    ASP are in compliance with Integrated Quality Management System by ISO 9000-2008 standards.

    Standard stretch film

    ASP Standard Stretch Film is for automatic /medium pre stretch machines. Suitable for loads of any size or shape. This is a three layer one side cling stretch film. It provides faster, efficient, reduced material costs and secure loads. The film is designed for 150% stretching.